Impact Inner City Youth through The Big Give!

May 4, 2015|0 comments

Are you interested in championing the cause of Columbus’ inner city youth? On May 12th, you can make a gift with serious impact! When? May 12th @ 10 AM until May 13th @ 10 Am. What? 100% of all credit card donations made to Urban Concern through The Columbus Foundation’s website will be amplified by a 1.3 million dollar bonus pool.   Every gift counts! For 24 hours, The Columbus Foundation is amplifying all gifts made through their website with a 1.3 million dollar bonus pool.  All gifts made to Urban Concern will provide inner city students with a network of caring and committed mentors, resources to empower the whole family, and opportunities for educational excellence.  Programs include Harambee Christian School and the After School Program, youth Bible studies, personal mentoring, and life changing Summer camps.   For our friends on Facebook, join our Facebook event here. more »

See God’s Work: 2015 Annual Report

March 5, 2015|0 comments

                                        We are excited to share with you what God has done with our students and organization over the past year.   Outstanding academic results, graduates walking with God into high school, and exciting new staff – read about all of this and more in our 2015 Annual Report.

Champions and Reading Buddies

February 1, 2015|0 comments

A love of reading – an essential characteristic for students to become life long learners and even community leaders.  But what happens when reading doesn’t come so easily to a student? Enter the Columbus Tutoring Initiative (CTI), a joint venture between Mission Columbus and Central Ohio Youth for Christ.   Their goal?  “To ensure that every child  is reading at grade level and acquires a love for readingby the end of the program.” Since 2012, CTI has helped launch dozens of tutoring programs throughout Columbus area schools.  And this year Harambee Christian School has introduced the program, which hinges on a committed group of volunteers who get paired with one 3rd grade student throughout the school year to develop their love forreading, fluency, and comprehension.  Only half way through the year, Harambee 3rd graders’ performance on mid-year MAP testing indicate that this new tutoring program is having its more »

Nyel’s missions trip

September 8, 2014|1 comments

It takes a village to go on a missions trip.  This is the story of Nyel and his “village”. Toward the end of last school year, Harambee staffer Brandon Grant presented 7th grader, Nyel, with an exciting opportunity.  A small group of students were being selected to attend a middle school missions trip hosted by Xenos Christian Fellowship to run a Soccer camp for at risk youth in Traverse City Michigan.  Having had Nyel in various Bible studies at Harambee, Mr. B knew he would make a great addition to the team: “Nyel has been a dedicated member of the spiritual community and programs at Harambee and has shown a great commitment to the things of God.  I knew he would make a great contribution to the trip.”  On Mr. B’s recommendation and despite his nerves, Nyel applied and was accepted to join the team.  But that was more »

Support Harambee Scholarships in 2014-15!

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We’re thrilled to have 145 students enrolled this year in grades K-8 at Harambee Christian School. Each student is precious to us, and that’s why we do everything in our power to provide them with a high quality education that focuses on both academic growth and character development. Because of the educational or socioeconomic climate our students come from, many are eligible for an Ohio EdChoice Voucher, which covers a portion of their annual tuition. The Harambee Scholarship Fund provides the majority of the remaining funds needed to educate students. Upon graduating, the staff at Harambee works diligently to help our students transition into high performing high schools and positive spiritual peer groups.Generous donors at all levels contribute to the Harambee Scholarship Fund to help ensure students in need will have the opportunity to thrive academically and spiritually as they enter young adulthood. Our commitment to our more »

New staff fills big shoes

August 7, 2014|0 comments

If you’ve ever been to Harambee Christian School, then there’s no doubt you know Ms. Sherry.  Longtime volunteer and parent of two Harambee students and one graduate, Sherry Barbour has served faithfully as Harambee’s administrative assistant for the past three years, serving families and helping students reach their full potential.  But when a position opened up for third grade teacher over the Summer, Sherry felt God pulling her in a new direction:  “I don’t think there is any way you can be at Harambee for six years and not contemplate teaching.  Over the years, I’ve watched the excellent teachers at Harambee affect so many lives.  It was an opportunity I knew I couldn’t pass up.” While serving as administrative assistant and After School Program director, Sherry also worked towards earning her M.Div in Marriage and Family Therapy from Amridge Christian University.   (Don’t ask us when she more »

Students making the homeless smile

August 7, 2014|0 comments

Bracelets. This is what Harambee 8th grader, Caribbean, diligently made by hand each lunch period.  The demand for bracelets was so high, she had to enlist the help of her fellow classmates to help keep up with production.  And so it was, each day during lunch, Caribbean and a few friends sat making bracelets upon bracelets.  Why bracelets? After watching a video on YouTube called, “Make the Homeless Smile,” Harambee 8th grader, Caribbean felt lead to do what she could to show the love of Christ to the homeless in her own city.  She is currently planning to serve a special dinner to 60 women at Rebecca’s Place Women’s Homeless Shelter,  paid for by proceeds from her bracelets. Having been so impacted by the video, herself, Caribbean shared her burden with her fellow classmates by creating a digital media presentation. She did the hard work of presenting more »

The Beck Foundation supports Harambee campers

July 1, 2014|0 comments

We are most grateful to acknowledge ongoing Urban Concern supporters, The Beck Foundation’s, recent contribution supporting camp scholarships for Harambee students and graduates. Current Harambee middle school students are all set to attend Blow Out Camp, run by Xenos Christian Fellowship at 4H Camp Ohio, at the end of Summer. Attending camp is an exciting opportunity built right into Harambee’s school year. Students have fun growing in relationships with one another and with Christ. Many Harambee graduates are currently enjoying their week at EPIC camp for high school students,also run by Xenos. Thank you, Beck Foundation!

Harambee celebrates veteran teachers

July 1, 2014|0 comments

While we were thrilled to celebrate the graduation of Harambee’s second ever 8th grade class in May, it was bittersweet to celebrate the careers of three veteran teachers who also finished out their last year at the school. Jim Flaherty (3rd grade), Annette Hank (2nd grade), and Stephanie Riggs (1st grade), have each been staples at Harambee Christian School for over a decade, with Annette also serving as Urban Concern’s very first employee, having started her ministry in South Linden in 1989. What was the most rewarding aspect about teaching at HCS? “Watching God transform the hearts and minds of our students over the years,” says Flaherty, who has taught at HCS for 12 years. Unsurprisingly, Riggs shared the same sentiment: “It’s always exciting to see ‘light bulbs’ come on, whether relating to academic or spiritual matters. Watching a former reluctant reader walking down the hall with more »

Bible study resources now available

March 3, 2014|0 comments

We had a full house at Xenos 4th St. Pavillion last weekend for training with Dr. Scott Larson. Youth workers from ministries all over Columbus met to learn and dialogue about working with at-risk youth. In the coming week we will be uploading audio from Dr. Larson’s talk to our website, in addition to other Bible study resources for those working with youth. It is our hope to continue providing high quality resources and training opportunities for those working in this crucial ministry. Resources will be put up throughout the week at:          Friday night’s session with Dr. Larson