2010 Harambee Community Carnival

May 20, 2010|0 comments

Live Music, Food, Games, Prizes, Dunk Tank, Jump House, Face Painting, and much more! Location: Fourth Street Pavillion.   See map. Date: Saturday, June 19 Time: 3 – 7 p.m. 100% proceeds to Harambee Scholarships.

“Grandpa Passing” – Heaven Walton (HCS, 5th Grade)

March 30, 2010|0 comments

When he died I felt alone I felt I lost my best friend and he went where I wanted to be I know he’s with God and they’re watching over me When I heard the bad news I was frustrated why could it not have been me Even though we didn’t see each other often we were as close as fish and water He was the other half of my heart

“The Drum” by Montgomery Hemsley, HCS 5th Grade

March 29, 2010|0 comments

DRUM more than an instrument the drum is a problem solver DRUM the drum is for anger management let your feelings out on the drum drum slow for SAD, drum fast if your MAD DRUM the drum can be a reward the drum can be a punishment the drum can be your heart, beating with anger, OR, beating with fear DRUM

“People Doing Wrong” by D’Amonique Brown, (HCS 5th Grade)

March 29, 2010|0 comments

View postPeople on the streets Doing wrong like gamblin’ People selling bad thingz You know thatz wrong Too many people get shot While your selling that bad thing Of a drug People on the streets Bad examples to lil’ kidz Lil’ kidz end up gamblin’ Selling that bad thing of a drug Didn’t get an education thatz WRONG Doing wrong thingz Like not going to church Not even listenin’ to the Word Now you know thatz WRONG

Market Research in 4th and 5th Grade?!

February 23, 2010|0 comments

This month, Harambee Imports, Inc. conducted our first market research survey. On January 15, Mr. Bill Sjoblom, CEO/President of Quantum Services and dedicated volunteer, led a discussion about market research. The students learned the importance of market research and how difficult it is to create good survey questions. They also discussed that when you want to expand your business, it is important to stick to something you already know and that your customers have come to expect from you. Together, with the students, Mr. Sjoblom drafted questions for the survey, posted them to SurveyMonkey, and emailed members of Xenos Christian Fellowship to invite their participation. 199 individuals responded to the survey. Mr. Sjoblom met with the students last Friday, February 19, to share the results with them. Just a couple of interesting results: When asked to rank their preference between Hot Tea, Hot Chocolate and Decaf Coffee, more »

Cupcakes for Haiti

February 11, 2010|0 comments

The devastating earthquake in Haiti inspired several staff members and parents at Urban Concern to sponsor a special school-wide bake sale. Parents helped to bake nearly 150 cupcakes. And the students raised $112.70 to send to World Relief for earthquake disaster relief.

Gene Smith visits Urban Concern

May 26, 2009|0 comments

On Friday, May 22, Third, Fourth & Fifth Grade students at Harambee – as well as a few graduates – welcomed Mr. Gene Smith, Athletic Director of The Ohio State University. Citing personal experience, Mr. Smith reinforced the value of learning and the importance of a college education. Students had the opportunity to ask questions. We deeply appreciate Mr. Smith taking time out of his busy schedule to visit.

Harambee Warriors – Basketball Champions!

January 13, 2009|0 comments

The Harambee Warrior 5th & 6th Grade Boys basketball squad took home first place medals at a tournament on December 20. Congratulations, Warriors! The 5th & 6th Grade Boys, along with the 3rd & 4th Grade Co-Ed squad, play on Friday nights in the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) league at Mifflin Middle School. For more information, please contact Danielle McKnight at the Urban Concern office. (614) 291-0885

“Hello, Obama” – Jahlaya (HCS, 5th Grade)

December 15, 2008|0 comments

The moon flies by in the sky. The sun just went down. As I think of what my people have been through, I feel sad, yet look happy. I think how they have been beaten and bruised. I lay there. I don’t laugh. I don’t cry. I think and I think until I have a smile on my face. What I am thinking of is quite pleasant. As I fall asleep, I say out of my mouth, “Good night, America. Good morning, Obama.” Jahlaya Harambee Christian School Fifth Grade 

“The Plant” – Allen, HCS 5th Grade

December 5, 2008|0 comments

You are like the plant. You grow every day in every which way. You make big connections as big as tree roots. And sometimes they bear big, juicy fruits. Even though you go through hard things in life, you have to know that if you hold on to Jesus everything will be alright. See, you have to know that to accomplish great things it takes hard work. Not just easy work that isn’t even work. According to accomplish anything, it will take courageous, brave, honest, hard work. Take time and accomplish anything, but rush and accomplish nothing. Allen Harambee Christian School Fifth Grade