Student Stories - Summer Camp Edition


With the new school year under way, 36 Harambee students are still wishing they were back at Blow Out Camp.

According to Youth Ministry Director, Brandon Grant, camp can be an invaluable experience for Harambee youth: “For some, camp is the only chance they have to get away from the big city and connect with God through daily teachings, group discussions, devotional readings, nature, and extended times of fellowship.”

This year’s theme was the story of Joseph - a story that Brandon knows has themes Harambee students can relate to well. “Our students have many challenges, so they are encouraged to see God using someone’s struggles for their own good and for the good of others!”

The highlight of the week according to Brandon? “My boys cabin had three students that joined us from another Bible study, one of which was not a believer in Christ. For the whole week, the Harambee boys prayed for him and continued to share their own testimonies. On the very last day of camp, the young man placed his faith in Christ, to which we all rejoiced and celebrated together.”

We’re grateful for all the devoted counselors who helped make this year’s camp a fruitful experience for our youth. We know our students are already counting down until next year.

Summer days

Summer days

Michael Larson