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Ministry Open House
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Are you the next champion for Harambee youth?

Like the human body, the body of Christ is complex and interdependent. In 1 Corinthians 12, the Apostle Paul rightly questions whether our hands could accomplish much without having eyes to see. And likewise, how could our feet be useful without also being first connected to our brain?

In the same way, the important work with students at Harambee Christian School advances every day thanks to a diversity of talents and treasures, both in the trenches and behind the scenes. Classroom teachers. Bible study leaders. Tutors. Donors. Prayer partners. Board members. Camp counselors. Meal providers. God knits each of these contributions together to help bring about changed lives in our school and community.

As Operations Director, Michael Larson, defines it, "A champion is someone who leverages their own unique interests and giftings for the benefit of someone else." Champions for Harambee youth come in all shapes and sizes, as Michael notes, "We have volunteers who come in once a week to read with Kindergartners, as well as Bible study leaders who prayerfully invest and shepherd students over multiple years. We have donors who pledge $5 a month in support of Harambee Scholarships, as well as those who donate multiple full scholarships a year. There are mentors who periodically treat their students to lunch at Wendy's, as well as home churches that serve home cooked meals to 50+ students at our Sunday Renegade Bible study. Each contribution, no matter how seemingly large or small, is knit together to accomplish great things that will make a difference forever, a staple of our Harambee Declaration.

We'd love to have you as our guest at our upcoming event, which will introduce you to the work God is doing at Harambee and help you to connect your heart and giftings in support of Harambee youth.

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Michael Larson