Building a Board of Champions

New board of directors leverage their talents and heart for inner city youth

At the end of 2018, a new board of directors was formed in an effort to better connect passionate champions more directly with the current oversight and future vision of the ministry. These new board members were prayerfully selected as champions who have an increased capacity to leverage their unique giftings and heart for inner city youth on behalf of our students.

The new board of directors is made up of:

Dave Glover
Missions Division Coordinator, Xenos Christian Fellowship

John Montgomery
Retired Administrative Law Judge, Social Security Administration

Greg Gordon
Vice President of Operations, Plaskolite

Ariana Adkins
Spanish Instructor, Oakstone Academy

Bryan Brookes
Leadership & Development Director, Central Ohio Youth for Christ

Luke Walker
Owner, Luke’s Auto

Anton James Johnson
Manager of Operations, OhioHealth

Board Member, Ariana Adkins

Board Member, Ariana Adkins

Ariana Adkins, who is a former Harambee staffer and youth worker and now teaches at Oakstone Academy, exemplifies the combination of personal experience and faithful vision that will prove invaluable to the success of our students: "I think being directly involved with students from both an educational role at the school and spiritual role as a youth worker has given me a unique perspective on the challenges and needs of inner city youth.", says Ari.

"I've been blessed to see the full spectrum of inner city ministry from the elementary school classroom all the way up to college ministry. It's been a genuine privilege to work firsthand with students for the past few years, and I am deeply convinced that God cares immensely about our students and wants to use them powerfully in His plan."

Anton Johnson, Operations Manager at OhioHealth and fellow youth worker, says the ministry at Harambee aligns deeply within his life story, personal convictions, and professional experience: "I hope to contribute to the ministry with a combination of professional experiences that include roles and formal education in operations and business management, as well as personal experiences in youth ministry and serving God while striving to gain higher education and establish a career."

Board Member, Anton Johnson

Board Member, Anton Johnson

Serving on the board of directors excites Anton, whose heart for youth and undeserved populations has grown steadily over the past five years. "God has helped me see the importance of investing in the spiritual lives of our young people, as they could very well be the spiritual leaders carrying forth kingdom work in the future."

Bryan Brookes, who has served on the leadership team of Central Ohio Youth for Christ since 2009 quickly learned what some of the obstacles are that at-risk youth face in Central Ohio: "I saw what secular organizations provide to help and equip at-risk youth, but none of those provisions seemed to address the most important need: someone's character and spiritual life." Bryan and his wife enrolled their two daughters at Harambee. "I fully believe in providing sound teaching that is connected to God's Word, and done in a safe, relational context - like what is happening at Harambee."

We are most grateful for our new board of champions and join with them in praying that Harambee youth would overcome challenges and thrive in the body of Christ.

Michael Larson