Walking With God Into High School

For the past 3 years, Harambee's current 8th grade boys met for small group Bible study every other Friday evening. Last Friday was the bittersweet conclusion to a great run with these young men.

During this period, we worked through everything from biblical manhood to the remarkable prophecy of Daniel 9. We ate more Little Caesars pizza than should be allowed by law. And we established and strengthened godly friendships among our boys in preparation of their journey into high school.

Grads Heading Into the Future

Grads Heading Into the Future

High school will be a pivotal time in the character formation of these young men. We can think of nothing more important in helping them develop as servant leaders than continued growth and service in the body of Christ.

To this end, many of these 8th graders have started getting involved with high school home churches, affiliated with our sponsoring church, Xenos Christian Fellowships. Home churches meet every week all over the city and are typically 10-30 students in size. They offer an exciting opportunity for our students to grow in their relationship with God and their peers through Bible study, group discussion, and prayer.

In addition to home churches, students also began attending larger group meetings called Central Teachings (CT). Hundreds of high school students meet every week at CT for a large Bible study, prayer, and fellowship in the North Campus neighborhood.

We believe growing and serving in Christian community will offer our students the most satisfying and successful life possible. We are grateful for all the staff, donors, and volunteers who have contributed to providing these opportunities for our students to thrive spiritually, socially, and academically.

Please join us in praying that our students would grow in their relationships with God and become servant leaders, following the example of Jesus. With God's help, these students can become the agents of positive change their community - and our world - needs.

Michael Larson