Student Makes Homeless Smile


This is what Harambee 8th grader, Caribbean, diligently made by hand each lunch period.  The demand for bracelets was so high, she had to enlist the help of her fellow classmates to help keep up with production.  And so it was, each day during lunch, Caribbean and a few friends sat making bracelets upon bracelets. 

Smile Like Caribbean

Smile Like Caribbean

Why bracelets?

After watching a video on YouTube called, "Make the Homeless Smile," Harambee 8th grader, Caribbean felt lead to do what she could to show the love of Christ to the homeless in her own city.  She is currently planning to serve a special dinner to 60 women at Rebecca's Place Women's Homeless Shelter,  paid for by proceeds from her bracelets.

Having been so impacted by the video, herself, Caribbean shared her burden with her fellow classmates by creating a digital media presentation. She did the hard work of presenting and appealing to each classroom in order to gain their support for the cause God had made near and dear to her.

When asked what overall message she wants to communicate to the women of Rebecca's Place, Caribbean said: "Joy is in the Lord."

We are proud of Caribbean and excited for the example of service she is to all the students at Harambee.

Michael Larson