Harambee Teacher Honored as Greater Linden Teacher of the Year!

We are proud to announce that the Harambee Middle School Teacher and Director, Michael Harvin, was honored as Teacher of the Year at the Greater Linden Awards & Gratitude Celebration on November 14th. The award is presented annually to a superior teacher in a Linden area school. Harambee staff and students understand why Mr. Harvin received such an honor.

Mr. Harvin and Harambee students past and present

Mr. Harvin and Harambee students past and present


Fellow middle school teacher, Keenan Meadows, who calls Michael a mentor, says: "Michael has a big heart for his students, and it shows in everything he does: from his one-on-one interactions with them, to the way he teaches his classes, to his prayers for their futures. He also has a deep resolve to see them be successful and will seize every opportunity he can to get them walking on the path to success. I've seen his encouragement take a student from despair to jubilation. He often has the same effect on his fellow teachers, as well."

Harambee students also agree that Mr. Harvin is a worthy recipient of the award. Eighth Grade student India Ghee said: "Mr. Harvin is dedicated and loving. He is always pushing us to be the best we can be. Although at times he may seem tough, we know that he wants what is best for us and tries to prepare us for the real world. That's what truly makes Mr. Harvin the Teacher of the Year.

The academic achievement of Michael's students speaks for itself. Last school year, his students averaged more than two years of academic growth in reading, mathematics and language usage. They finished the school year on average near the 70th percentile.

Current and former Harambee students, whom Mr. Harvin has taught in his classroom, were also honored at the event. Eighth Grade student, Akili Brown, was a finalist for the Junior Scholar Award, awarded to a 5th-12th grade student with a GPA of at least 3.0 who is active in extracurricular activities. ZanTeea Fluellen, Harambee graduate and a Senior at Linden McKinley, was honored as Student Athlete of the Year. The student athlete award goes to a high school senior who excels in at least one sport, has a strong GPA, and displays strong character.

Please join us in congratulating Mr. Harvin, Akili, and ZanTeea for their outstanding accomplishments.

Michael Larson