The Buzz Around Bible Study

Since school kicked off in July, there’s been a buzz growing around Sunday’s weekly Renegade Bible study. Now, more and more Harambee students are joining their friends to see what the buzz is all about.

We caught up with some regular attendees and those who are new to the meeting to hear what they had to say:


Renegade has been so much fun. I love the teachings about God, and it has helped me to learn how to trust in God. Some of my favorite parts have been the discussion groups after the teaching, where we can ask questions about what we learned to understand it better. I love to talk about God to my friends and other people. Eating the dinner at the end makes me feel like I am eating with my family.

– Guadalupe, 4th grade

My favorite thing about Renegade is being able to participate during the teachings. My experience has been great at Renegade, and I like that I get to learn more about God. I love playing basketball with my friends and also when we have pizza for dinner!

– Rahzeir, 5th grade:

Playing games at Renegade is so fun! I like to learn about God and how He made the Earth. If my friends wanted to come out, I would tell them to come so that they can learn about God’s story.

– Ernest, Kindergarten

I love learning about Jesus dying on the cross for me. My favorite thing about Renegade is all the good food I get to eat! If I had a chance to tell a friend about coming to Renegade, I would tell them that it is a fun place to go!

– Jace, 2nd grader

I love how fun the teachings are. The teachers always use funny pictures in their teachings that make me laugh. My favorite story has been David and Jonathan and their story on being friends.

– Noel, 4th grader

I love that we talk about the Bible. My favorite teaching has been about God’s suffering and how he understands our suffering. Playing mat ball has to be one of my favorite games that we play. The hot dogs are really good too. If I were to tell someone about renegade, I would tell them come to Harambee, where you can make friends, and it’s the best place to learn about God.

– Jazelle, 5th grade:
Becoming a Renegade


Renegade runs on volunteers at every level, from meal providers to Bible study leaders. The meeting also depends on the prayer of those committed to seeing at-risk youth overcome challenges and thrive as lifelong followers of Christ.

To learn more about supporting the work taking place at Renegade, contact Michael at or by calling 614.291.0885 ex. 4140.

Michael Larson