A Formula for Success

Since January of this year, UC & Harambee’s leadership team has benefitted from Entrepreneurial Operating System (or EOS) training. This training has sharpened and challenged the team in valuable ways that will help our students, staff, and school thrive. We look forward to sharing more about our experience in the future.

One outcome of this training has been the development of what is called our Proven Process. What does Harambee offer that sets it apart from other schools? We believe there are three vital components to our formula for success.


1. Above the Bar Education

Every school makes it their aim to provide students with a meaningful education that prepares them for a successful life. Harambee is no different. 

What sets Harambee apart are the superior academic results students achieve, in comparison not only with local neighborhood schools, but also higher performing suburban districts. 85% of Harambee students come from low income homes, and yet they have outperformed students from Hilliard, Westerville, and Reynoldsburg school districts on state testing. With local schools in Academic Emergency, Harambee provides an opportunity for students to rise above and achieve at the highest level academically.

2. Christian Community

The opportunity students have inside and outside of the classroom to experience a healthy and dynamic Christian community also distinguishes Harambee from other schools.

Harambee is a place for students to grow spiritually in life changing ways. Every teacher and staff member is a committed follower of Jesus who strives to see students grow in and outside the classroom, both academically and spiritually.

In addition to regular Bible teaching in the classroom, there is also a vibrant spiritual community available for students at each age level that meets every Sunday. These youth groups provide a safe environment for students to learn the Bible, share their faith, have fun, and enjoy a family style meal together. Older students, likewise, have the opportunity to be paired with an approved and caring mentor for friendship building, spiritual growth, and life coaching. Students in grades 5-8 also get to attend fun Christian Summer camps every year.

Growing with God and other believers is an essential part of our students’ overall development and wellbeing.

3. Parent Champions

In addition to having a Heavenly Father who cares for them, one of the most significant factors in a students’ overall development is having family members who are engaged in their child’s growth at every level. Parents who share in the mission and purpose of Harambee and partner with us to see their students overcome challenges and thrive play an invaluable role in their students’ success. A caring parent is a child’s most important role model, and Harambee makes a concerted effort to engage parents in the growth and development of their children.

What Does it All Add Up To?   Thriving Students!

With these three distinctives in place, we stand to help students thrive in unimaginable ways.

While test scores are nice, the bigger picture is to see Harambee students excelling in college or career, while following God and becoming a new generation of leaders for our community and the local church.

Our formula for success makes Harambee a school like no other.

Harambee Students Continue to Thrive Academically –
Ohio Schools Report Card 2017-18

The state of Ohio recently released district and school report card data, which allows us to compare Harambee student performance from the previous school year. The Performance Index is based on the Ohio AIR testing that takes place in Grades 3-8 for Math & ELA. Grades 5 & 8 also took the Science test.

Michael Larson