New Annual Report Celebrates 20 Years of Ministry & Looks to the Future

May 9, 2018|0 comments

Academic triumphs, high school graduates, and the pursuit of The Fantastic 50

It’s our pleasure to share our latest Annual Report with you, which celebrates the personal and academic achievements of Harambee staff and students over the past 20 years.

Since opening its doors in 1998, Harambee has served over 535 students from low income communities. Of the 103 alumni who are old enough to have graduated from high school, over 90% have received their diploma, even while many attended Harambee when the school only served Grades K-5.

Today, Harambee students continue to outpace local public schools and higher performing charter schools on standardized testing, in addition to many suburban districts throughout the city. This is a remarkable achievement since 85% of Harambee students are from low-income households.

In addition to academic success, strengthened collaboration with Xenos Student Ministries has increased the quality of Bible studies and mentoring available to students at every age. Now, more than ever, Urban Concern & Harambee Christian School are poised to help Columbus’ inner city youth overcome challenges and thrive in the body of Christ.

Click here to read the full Annual Report, and see below to learn about next steps you can take to get involved in God’s work in our city.

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