What is a Renegade Bible Study?

January 9, 2017|0 comments

Some may think that Renegade is an unorthodox name for a church. But since 2008, Renegade has been the name for what has become a spiritual youth movement throughout inner city Columbus. Renegade provides a safe and fun environment where students can hear the Gospel, come to faith, and learn to follow God.

The human Christmas tree challenge at the Renegade Christmas party

Since 2010, Urban Concern & Harambee Christian School have been serving a similar group of students on Sundays through the Lighthouse youth ministry. Often times, Lighthouse students had family members or next door neighbors who were attending Renegade and vice versa.

Both Lighthouse and Renegade are led by dedicated volunteers from Xenos Christian Fellowship. After much prayer and planning, these ministries joined forces last August in an effort to provide the highest quality Bible teaching, mentoring, fun and care for these precious students.

Thanks to this exciting combination of efforts, the students in both ministries from grades K-5 have been coming together each Sunday at Harambee Christian School under the Renegade banner. Middle school students are also meeting in boys & girls small groups or “cell groups” on Sundays at various locations throughout the city.

Different foundations, different results!

The student response to the merge has been positive: Harambee fourth grader, Michael Watson, says he looks forward to Renegade every week because in addition to learning about God and having fun, “I know the workers care about me, and they make me feel comfortable.” Likewise, second grader Noel Jones is grateful because attending Renegade/Lighthouse, “helped me make friends with other students at Harambee” before enrolling in the school, herself, this past year.

Executive Director Alex Steinman is pleased with the outcome of the merge, saying, “The more the leaders from both ministries talked, the more we recognized that God had called us to the same vision. It was clear that we would be stronger and more efficient if we combined forces and began to work together. We’re so glad we did.”

Since August, an average of 58 students in grades K-5 attend Renegade at Harambee each week.

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