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November 14, 2016|0 comments

Dear Friends and Partners,

Harambee students excel academically compared with their peers from the same demographic. The typical student at Harambee achieves well above the national average. And the average Eighth Grade student over the past three years has finished their career at Harambee prepared for High School in the 98th percentile in Mathematics and the 85th percentile in Reading.

This school year we are privileged to have 131 students enrolled in Kindergarten through Eighth Grade at Harambee Christian School. We value each student and provide each with an exceptional education that focuses on academic excellence, character development and spiritual growth.

Many Harambee students are eligible for an Ohio EdChoice Voucher, which covers a portion of their $6,540 annual tuition. The Harambee Scholarship Fund provides the remaining funds needed to ensure each student receives an excellent education. Thanks to the generosity of Xenos Christian Fellowship and many individual donors we have raised $277,00 to date.


We are still looking to raise $35,000 for the Harambee Scholarship Fund by year end to support students in need.

Please consider providing a hopeful foundation for a young person’s life by making a year end investment in the Harambee Scholarship Fund. Together we will raise up a new generation of leaders for Columbus’ inner city.

With Deepest Gratitude,

Alex Steinman
Executive Director & Principal


1. Make a gift using credit card or PayPal by clicking here:

OR by visiting and selecting “Urban Concern” from the drop down menu.

2. Mail a check to

Harambee Christian School
ATTN: Operations Director
1000 Bonham Avenue
Columbus OH, 43211

Have questions? Feel free to contact Michael Larson by calling 614-291-0885 x 4140 or by emailing

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