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October 25, 2016|0 comments

2014-2015 marked the first and last school year that the Ohio Department of Education adopted the PARCC assessment for evaluating student achievement in Reading and Mathematics. Therefore, it is difficult to compare Harambee student achievement relative to other school years. However, it is possible to compare the student achievement of Harambee students with other central Ohio schools and districts during the 2014-2015 school year.

Students took the PARCC assessment for Reading and Mathematics in Grades 3-8.  They took an Ohio test to evaluate their achievement in Social Studies in Grades 4 and 6. And students in Grades 5 and 8 took an Ohio test for Science. The results below show a composite Performance Index for all grades and subjects. A perfect score where all students in the school score at the Advanced level in all subjects is 120.

2014-2015 Ohio Test / PARCC Performance Index Comparison


Performance Index comparison among Columbus schools


Harambee students achieved a composite score of 88.1. They scored significantly better on the Reading and Mathematics portions of the test. In both Reading and Mathematics, students in Grades 3-8 achieved a Performance Index score of 94. They did not perform nearly as well on the Social Studies and Science tests. We believe that, especially in Social Studies, instruction is not aligned with the Ohio standards.  In addition to the Performance Index, another metric the Ohio / PARCC Tests indicate is the percentage of students that are proficient or better per subject.

• In Reading, 76% of Harambee students scored proficient or higher.
• In Mathematics, 78% of students were proficient or better.
• 43% of Harambee students scored Accelerated or Advanced in Reading.
• 35% of Harambee were Accelerated in Mathematics.
• 100% of the Eighth Grade class was proficient or better in both Reading and Mathematics.

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