What is Warrior Wednesday?

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New model for small group bible studies at Harambee

Urban Concern’s mission has always been to develop a positive consensus among inner city youth for the things of God.


Small group Bible studies of 8-15 students have always been a staple of the ministry at UC. The students study God’s word, share about their lives, pray together and enjoy some fun.


Large group Bible studies, like Lighthouse on Sunday afternoons, have also served an important role in our outreach to youth.


Through discussion, prayer and a worthwhile visit to a Central Ohio Youth For Christ Bible study on the East Side, leaders at UC decided to implement a model that would mix the best of large and small group Bible studies.


Team unity

Team unity

Enter Warrior Wednesday


In November, we rolled out our new “large group” small group meeting, which brings all Harambee junior high students together after the school day ends to enjoy a meal, music, and games with each other, before breaking up into groups of three to five students for every two volunteer mentors.


Executive Director, Alex Steinman, expounds on the strengths of this new meeting by saying, “There is an energy in the building as all these students gather together in the name of Christ. At the same time, when the students break down into their smaller pods, they enjoy the benefit of closer relational trust, the opportunity for real sharing and prayer for each other and deeper Bible study. These pods are actually more intimate in size than the traditional small groups. “


Students have taken to Warrior Wednesday with great excitement.  According to Youth Ministry Director, Brandon Grant, “Students have loved the change! It gives them the opportunity to interact with friends in other grades while still enjoying the benefits of a small group bible study.”


Harambee 8th graders

Harambee 8th graders


An average of 30 students joined us for our first few Warrior Wednesdays.  Reflecting on the energy and excitement of our initial meetings, Operations Director, Michael Larson, puts it this way:  “There is something electric about following Jesus in a dynamic community.  We want students to know that they can choose to live for Christ and accomplish great things for their generation.”


Please join us in praying for students to thrive and grow in their relationships with God and each other during Warrior Wednesdays!


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